The Advantages of ZTT’s Aluminum Tube OPGW for Overhead Power Lines

As a social responsibility company, ZTT has focused on the development of advanced technologies that enhance the safety and reliability of power transmission. One such technology is the use of aluminum tube optical ground wire (OPGW), which offers numerous advantages over traditional overhead ground wires and optical fiber cables.

Lightweight Design

The lightweight design of aluminum tube OPGW makes it easy to install on overhead power lines without adding significant weight to the structure. Traditional ground wires can add considerable weight, increasing the load on poles, towers, and other support structures. This added weight can lead to structural instability, higher maintenance costs, and an increased risk of failure. With aluminum tube OPGW, power companies can enjoy the benefits of a robust and reliable ground wire without the added weight.

Cost-effective Solution

Another advantage of aluminum tube OPGW is cost-effectiveness. It is more affordable than traditional overhead ground wires and optical fiber cables. The reduced weight also means lower transportation costs, making it an attractive option for power companies looking to reduce their operational expenses. In addition, the use of aluminum tube OPGW enhances the efficiency of power transmission, leading to improved energy delivery and lower overall costs.

Moreover, aluminum tube OPGW is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance. Its corrosion-resistant properties make it ideal for harsh environments, reducing the need for regular inspections and repairs. As a result, power companies can reduce downtime, enhance system reliability, and meet their operational targets with ease.


In conclusion, ZTT’s aluminum tube OPGW is an innovative solution for power companies looking to enhance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of their power transmission systems. By investing in this technology, power companies can improve their performance, reduce costs, and meet their social responsibilities to deliver safe and reliable power to their customers.

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