War fishing | The game rocked the fish shooting market

Currently, there is a fish shooting game that has successfully caused a storm in the market with many interesting features and very attractive promotional programs: War Fishing.
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In this article, let’s “dissect” all the information about this unique game.

What is war fishing?

Fishing War, also known as Fishing War, is one of the prize-winning fish shooting games of the publisher Spade Gaming, specializing in providing unique betting services with novel designs and very creative content.

With the ability to operate the system professionally and with the strong financial capacity of this publisher, the service quality of the game is guaranteed to satisfy any player.

In addition, the War Fishing system also focuses on promoting product development as well as wanting players to have the most complete experience, so each service has very interesting features and design. Eye-catching visual effects.

The unique ocean world in this game combined with a unique game treasure and exciting features ensures this game will bring you impressive experiences along with opportunities to receive countless gifts. same attraction.

Detailed instructions on how to play the game Fishing War

In general, the games belong to the genreShoot fish and get prizes It has a very simple way to play, does not take too much time to learn and brings many attractive rewards, so it is always interested and learned by many players.

However, if you want to quickly catch up and have the most convenient experience, here are some basic information in the game that you can learn more about.

(1) Rules of the game

The player’s main task when coming to the game Fishing War is to search and destroy animals in the game system.

Each animal is designed with powers corresponding to different reward levels, helping players have many opportunities to exchange impressive rewards depending on how to use weapons and special features in the game Fishing War.

(2) Weapons and features in the game

To understand what you can do to increase your reward level, understanding information about weapons as well as some special features in the game Fish War will help you do that.

Weapon system

To give players more opportunities as well as make the player’s experience more diverse, you can now collect and use a diverse weapon system, designed with extremely unique effects such as after:

  • Firestorm: Gives up to 100 free bullets with more destructive power than other weapons
  • Thunder Hammer: With a unique lightning effect, giving players the ability to destroy creatures that appear within Thunder Hammer’s range.
  • Azure Stone: When used, this weapon will help freeze all fish on the interface. At this point, you can comfortably defeat the fish to give yourself a heavier reward.

Special Boss system

Besides small creatures with low value, if you focus on defeating special Bosses in the game Fish War, the bonus you receive will be even more impressive.

Bosses in the game Fishing War will be designed with different visual effects and different special sizes including:

  • Dragon King: Average Boss – When defeated, you will receive a reward x 300 of the bet value
  • Wealth Packet: Average Boss – When defeated, you will receive a reward x 200 of the bet value
  • Dragon Wheel: Big Boss – When defeated, you will be rewarded x488 of the bet value
  • The Monkey King: Big Boss – When defeated, you will receive a reward x x688 of the bet value
  • Pirate Ghost Ship: Special Boss – When defeated, you will be rewarded x888 of the bet value

In general, hunting bosses regularly and continuously will be great opportunities for players to receive heavy rewards at War Fishing.

In particular, today’s players, no matter what bet limit they choose, will still have the opportunity to meet quality bosses and receive special gifts when experiencing.

Bonus levels in the game

Currently, the system of creatures and fish in the game is extremely diverse.

Besides the unique design and personality of each type of creature, the bonus levels you receive from these animals also have certain differences as follows:

  • Dragonfly fish x2
  • Clownfish x3
  • Striped goldfish x4
  • Stickleback fish x5
  • Guppies x6
  • Flat fish x7
  • Lobster x8
  • Swordfish x9
  • Octopus x10
  • Jellyfish x11
  • Lamp fish x12
  • Turtle x13
  • Orange fish x15
  • Stingray x18
  • Big thorn x20
  • Shark x20 ~ 30
  • Golden shark x25 ~ 45
  • Hammerhead shark x30 ~ 50
  • Golden hammerhead shark x40 ~ 60
  • Special orange crab x50 ~ 200
  • Special green toad x50 ~ 400

It can be said that the bonus level each player receives when coming to the game Fishing War is different, depending on each person’s hard work and enthusiasm as well as their fish shooting skills.

Thus, if you work harder and aim at fish with high bonuses, your final reward rate when playing the game will be extremely heavy.

Instructions for playing the game Fishing War at New88

If you already understand all the information about the game Fishing War, here are the steps to guide you in playing the game at the house.New88 accurate and detailed reputation that you can refer to to start your fish shooting journey at the game portal.
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Step 1: Register an account and deposit money

The first step you need to take when you want to fully experience the fish shooting game Ca Ca Chien is to own a betting account at the New88 game portal.

Creating an account at the house is quite simple, does not require too many steps, so players will not need to spend too much time and will also have the opportunity to participate in some special events for members at the betting portal.

After successfully creating an account, choose the deposit method that best suits you to deposit money and start logging into the game in the “Fish shooting and rewards” section.

Step 2: Choose a suitable playing hall

Understanding the diverse needs of players is why the game lobbySpade Gaming Currently, this fish shooting game has been designed with 3 different game halls.

Thus, War Fishing players can flexibly choose a betting room that suits their playing experience, preferences as well as their current financial level.

Players should prioritize choosing new betting halls if it is their first time logging into the system to have time to understand the game better.

Step 3: Choose firing mode

Shooting mode in the game Fishing War can bring you more attractive reward rates when used at the right time and with the right target. Currently there are 3 game modes in this game as follows:

Shoot normally

Shooting mode is usually the default mode in the game Fishing War, helping you shoot diversely and flexibly without being affected by the system.

When using this mode, you need to have a certain flexibility as well as the ability to shoot fish properly to successfully defeat the object you want to shoot.

Shoot automatically

This is a mode designed so that players do not need to interact too much with the system and still get the best rewards.

To apply it, you just need to click on automatic shooting mode, select the types of creatures you want to take down, then the system will automatically identify the animals you have chosen and continuously shoot to destroy them. that fish.

Shoot locked target

This mode allows players to continuously shoot any object on the interface until it is completely defeated, so it is very suitable for shooting Bosses.

To activate, you just need to select the locked shooting mode, select the object to shoot and the system will automatically record and take down the Boss you have chosen until it is killed or leaves the interface.

Step 4: Adjust the bet level and experience the game

Once you have chosen the appropriate shooting mode, this is the time when you need to adjust and choose the bet level in one shot.

To adjust, just click the plus or minus button next to your weapon icon.

Note that the bet level will also affect the strength of the weapon, so you need to consider choosing and using it correctly.

After you have prepared everything, you can start experiencing this game at the New88 bookmaker system.

Remember to use and combine some special features in the game to optimize the reward rate you can receive when experiencing the game.

4 Unbeaten experience helps the fish shooting rate more impressive

Overall, the game War Fishing is a game with many features along with a treasure trove of extremely attractive weapons.

If you know how to apply it properly, this is a good time-killing game and gives you great reward rates.

Therefore, do not ignore the following 4 experiences and secrets for unbeaten fish shooting shared by experts.

(1) Focus on shooting schools of fish

When you choose the direction to shoot according to the schools of fish, your miss rate when playing the game will be quickly minimized.

Shooting fish in groups also helps increase the reward rate because one shot, if lucky, can successfully kill many creatures instead of just aiming at a single fish.

This is definitely a fish shooting tip that helps you increase your bonus level in the easiest and fastest way, so the “new mats” absolutely should not be overlooked.

(2) Choose a game room suitable for your playing experience

Currently, the game Fishing War is supported with 3 game rooms with 3 different experience levels, so players can easily choose the fish shooting room that best suits them.

Choosing the right game room will help your gaming psychology feel more comfortable and at the same time you will not be under too much financial pressure, ensuring you have more gaming time.

(3) Avoid big bosses if you don’t have enough strength

One of the mistakes that many new players often make is trying their best to shoot down bosses from big to special.

However, these bosses, in addition to huge bonuses, also have extremely high defense systems. That’s why a normal person will not be able to successfully shoot it down, you need to gather at least 2 people.

Therefore, War Fish players should try to play the game in crowded rooms and especially should only shoot the big boss if there are more than 2 people who want to defeat that boss with you to avoid wasting time shooting the boss. “losing money”.

(4) Shoot fish at the corners of the interface

One of the most ideal shooting angles today that many people prioritize is the game’s interface angles.

Here, when new fish appear, they will be easier to destroy. At the same time, you can also take advantage of the anti-bullying feature in the game to increase the bonus level and the chance of defeating fish in the system.

In general, War Fishing is one of the hottest areas and games at New88 with huge bonuses and many interesting features.

Current War Fishing players can combine and participate in special programs dedicated to the fish shooting genre at New88 along with a number of in-game incentive programs to increase the bonus level they receive from this game. in the most optimal way.

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