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Take Control: Achieve Precise Focus with SmallRig Wireless Follow Focus

As a leading manufacturer of camera accessories and rigs, SmallRig empowers filmmakers and content creators with gear to pursue their creative visions. One of their most innovative products is the SmallRig wireless follow focus system for precise lens control.

What is Wireless Follow Focus

A wireless follow focus enables camera operators and focus pullers to adjust and nail focus marks smoothly from any position on set. The follow focus motors connect directly to cinema lenses and pair wirelessly with handheld controllers. Going wireless with SmallRig follow focus eliminates cables that can limit positioning and create trip hazards. Film crews can execute complex camera moves flawlessly while pulling focus with SmallRig’s precision systems.

Take Your Productions into Focus with SmallRig

For filmmakers and video crews ready to leave focus cables behind, SmallRig’s wireless follow focus unlocks new creative freedom. Achieve pinpoint focus control from any position on set with SmallRig’s precision engineered systems. Their wireless follow focus solutions will bring your productions into sharp focus.

Take Your Focus Pulling to the Next Level

For independent filmmakers and professional crews alike, SmallRig’s wireless follow focus unlocks new shooting freedom. Their precision systems enable you to nail critical focus marks from any position on set. Equipped with SmallRig’s follow focus gear, you have the technology and flexibility to achieve the highest quality focus in your films. Experience the creative benefits of leaving cables behind and take precise lens control into your own hands with SmallRig wireless follow focus.


With its unmatched mix of wireless precision, modularity, and reliability, SmallRig wireless follow focus unlocks new creative possibilities for filmmakers. It’s a smart investment for taking any cinematography production to the next level.SmallRig follow focus combines wireless precision, control, and modularity into an advanced focus pulling system designed for today’s and tomorrow’s filmmaking needs. The technology empowers cinematographers with capabilities not possible before.

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