Instructions for Playing Over/Under with Hundred Matches and Hundred Wins from Experts

Instructions for playing Tai Xiu will help gamers clearly understand the rules as well as the sequence of the game. This entertainment product is loved by many people because of its attractive gameplay and attractive bonuses. Below,  Nhacaiuytin will provide you with information about the game and reveal the secret to effective prize hunting.

What is Tai Xiu?

Over/Under has a long-standing Chinese origin and is gradually spreading to other countries in the region. When coming to Vietnam, this game also has other names such as Sicbo, Over/Under, Hi-lo or Big – Small. Currently, the game appears in most online entertainment sites, making it easy for gamers to experience.

In each game, the publisher provides members with detailed instructions for playing Sic Bo. The game uses 3 dice (dice) and each side is marked from 1 to 6. Players will predict the total score and then choose the appropriate bet. If the result matches your choice, you will receive a reward according to the corresponding ratio.

The most detailed rules of Sic Bo

Each Sicbo game usually lasts about 2 to 3 minutes, helping gamers save time. Online Sic Bo rules are also quite simple and easy to understand. As follows:

  • The number of participants is not limited, when a player joins the table it will start immediately.
  • Players have about 20 seconds to place a bet. The system will have 10 seconds to pay the reward.
  • At the beginning of the game, the Dealer shakes the dice so that gamers can predict the scores of each side and choose the appropriate door. At the end of the specified time, the bowl is opened and the results are announced to determine the winner or loser.
  • According to the instructions for playing Over/Under, if the total score is 4 to 10, the person who bets on Under wins. As for the score of the 3 dice ranging from 11 – 17, whoever chooses Over will win a prize.
  • In case the result appears as a triple, that is, the 3 dice have the same number. Based on the rules of the game, if you bet Over or Under, you will lose.

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Simple instructions for playing Sic Bo online for beginners

How to play Sic Bo online and always win extremely simple. Players just need to follow the step-by-step instructions for playing Tai Xiu below:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of an entertainment venue that is highly appreciated by the player community, for example Nhacaiuytin. Then select “Register” and provide the information required by the system to open a Member Account.
  • Step 2: New recruits proceed to deposit money into the game wallet to ensure balance. You choose a convenient transaction method, the amount to deposit and wait for the system to process in a few minutes.
  • Step 3: Finally, members search for the Sic Bo game that the game portal provides to start experiencing it.

The secret to playing Sic Bo unbeaten from veteran gamers

After reading through the instructions for playing Tai Xiu, gamers should equip themselves with reasonable reward hunting strategies. You can refer to and apply the following experience compiled by  Nhacaiuytin:

Don’t be hasty, be steadfast

Participating in any game, gamers should stay calm and keep a cool head. Only when you have a stable mentality can you calculate, judge and make the most accurate decisions. Besides, new recruits should be confident in their choices to avoid losing attractive opportunities to win money.

Allocate capital reasonably, stop at the right time

Tips for playing Tai Xiu from experts say that gamers should divide their capital into small parts for easy control. Players need to set an entertainment limit for the day. Even if you win or lose consecutively, stop when you reach the set amount to preserve your profits.

Hit quickly

One of the instructions for playing Tai Xiu with 100% hit and 100% hits from experts that you can apply is to play multiple times. This method means that if you lose the first game, double the money in that box the next time you play. The folding method requires gamers to have enough capital to play until they win.

Choose a suitable Sic Bo room

Addresses currently offer members many tables with different bet levels. Make choices that are suitable for your available financial resources. In particular, new players who do not have much experience should set the lowest level to get used to the rules. Absolutely not going all in will put gamers at risk of losing everything.

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Based on previous game history

Currently, the address will list the results of the games that have taken place in the most detailed way. With regular updates, players can accurately predict Over/Under online. Then you use your own strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Choose a reputable, quality entertainment location

One of the important criteria when playing Over/Under is for players to find a safe and reputable address. Currently,  Nhacaiuytin is highly appreciated by the gaming community for its transparency in results and super-fast rewards. When winning, members can withdraw the bonus money to the beneficiary account to use at any time.

The game portal provides complete instructions for playing Tai Xiu to help everyone participate in entertainment more easily. Members regularly receive promotional gifts to increase capital. has an extremely modern information security mechanism via OTP and a team of customer service staff who answer players’ questions quickly and promptly.

The above article of  Nhacaiuytin has shared all information on how to play Tai Xiu for readers. If you are passionate about this game genre, please immediately open an account at the game portal. Wishing everyone a memorable experience and good luck receiving a large prize money.

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