How do you use an OKex trading bot?

For a long time, China was a major player in crypto. Although the Chinese government is less enthusiastic about crypto today, there are still many Chinese businesses operating in the global market. You can now use the OKex trading platform to trade on the largest Asian trading platforms.

How do you get started working with this exchange?

Why OKex bot trade?

It is important to decide whether automation is necessary. There are many reasons to use different types of automation. You might be interested in using a DCA method that is safer to lower overall risk, such as GRID trading.

These are some things to think about:

The best place to automate is crypto markets. With its 24-hour work schedule, this industry is never idle. Robots are a great way to keep your company competitive. Robots don’t need rest, sleep, food, or any other kind of nourishment. They are focused on what is important.

Bots can help reduce human error. You are responsible for the creation of the script and formulating a strategy. Bots can’t place orders because they don’t think. They move. This means that there is less chance of making an error.

OKex’s cryptocurrency trading bot is optimized for this platform. WunderTrading may interest you, but signals are still being exchanged between servers. This causes a slight delay. OKex native robots respond instantly.

Native automation solutions have their benefits. Third-party tools can be useful when working with multiple exchanges simultaneously. It all depends on your investment strategy and preferences.

How do I get started?

An active account is required on the OKx platform. This is a quick guide to help you create an account in just a few steps.

  1. Go to the OKx homepage (US citizens can use OKCoin).
  2. Enter your phone number (or e-mail)
  3. Create a strong password, and confirm your email.
  4. Alternately, you can also use your Google and Telegram profiles to register.
  5. Go to “Trade-> Trading Bot”.
  6. Choose from “Futures”, Recurring” or “GRID”.

The platform’s Futures Bot, which can trade with USDT marginally, is one of its biggest attractions. Marginal trading is not a good option for conservative investors. However, people who are willing to take risks and choose futures as their primary asset. OKex futures trading robots are well-designed, and don’t require technical knowledge to set up.

OKex: Should you choose?

Experts believe there are risks in working with Chinese vendors as China is not open to accepting cryptocurrencies. The government has banned mining and doesn’t provide support for crypto exchanges. These platforms are very risky in the long-term.

Their automation tools are not as functional as those of companies who specialize in this area. WunderTrading offers a greater range of tools and can connect to multiple exchanges simultaneously, making it an attractive choice for investors looking to implement automation into their portfolio management processes.

An automated trading bot from OKex is a good choice for investors who wish to consolidate their investments on one platform. They can also use their native automation tools to avoid having to refer to third parties. You can find more flexible solutions elsewhere if you’re looking for a more advanced option to your portfolio.

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