Delta Sigma Pi: A Comprehensive Guide to the Business Fraternity

Fraternities and sororities are renowned for fostering lifelong friendships, personal growth, and professional development among college students. Delta Sigma Pi, a prominent business fraternity, is no exception. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of Delta Sigma Pi, delving into its history, values, mission, activities, and the valuable opportunities it offers to young aspiring professionals.

Introduction to Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi (ΔΣΠ) is a co-ed professional business fraternity founded on November 7, 1907, at New York University. It was established with the vision of promoting professional and personal development, fostering leadership skills, and building lasting connections among students interested in pursuing careers in business, economics, and related fields.

The fraternity is guided by four core principles:

  1. Professionalism: Delta Sigma Pi strives to instill professional values, ethics, and practices in its members.
  2. Brotherhood: Brotherhood is at the heart of the fraternity, emphasizing the importance of strong bonds and lifelong connections.
  3. Leadership: Delta Sigma Pi encourages members to develop their leadership skills and contribute positively to their communities.
  4. Service: The fraternity is dedicated to community service and philanthropy, engaging in various projects to give back to society.

Membership and Chapters

Delta Sigma Pi is open to both men and women pursuing business-related degrees. Its membership is diverse, reflecting a wide range of academic backgrounds, career goals, and interests. As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, the fraternity has over 260 active collegiate chapters and more than 60 active alumni chapters across the United States.

Values and Rituals

Delta Sigma Pi places a strong emphasis on values and rituals that guide its members’ conduct and development. These values include:

  1. Integrity: Upholding high ethical standards in all professional and personal endeavors.
  2. Service: Commitment to community service and philanthropy.
  3. Scholarship: Promoting academic excellence and continuous learning.
  4. Social Responsibility: Recognizing the importance of contributing positively to society.

The fraternity’s rituals and ceremonies are designed to reinforce these values and build a sense of unity among its members.

Activities and Programs

Delta Sigma Pi offers a wide range of activities and programs to its members:

  1. Professional Development: The fraternity provides access to workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities to help members develop critical business skills and knowledge.
  2. Leadership Opportunities: Delta Sigma Pi offers various leadership roles within chapters, allowing members to gain valuable leadership experience.
  3. Community Service: The fraternity is involved in numerous community service initiatives and philanthropic projects, demonstrating its commitment to giving back.
  4. Social Events: Delta Sigma Pi hosts social events and gatherings to foster camaraderie and friendship among members.
  5. Alumni Engagement: The fraternity maintains active alumni chapters, allowing members to stay connected and seek mentorship from experienced professionals.

Pledging and Initiation

Becoming a member of Delta Sigma Pi typically involves a pledging process during which individuals learn about the fraternity’s history, values, and rituals. The process culminates in an initiation ceremony, during which new members are officially welcomed into the fraternity.

Benefits of Delta Sigma Pi Membership

Membership in Delta Sigma Pi offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Professional Development: Access to resources, events, and networking opportunities to enhance career prospects.
  2. Leadership Experience: Opportunities to develop leadership skills through chapter roles and involvement in fraternity activities.
  3. Friendships and Networking: Building lifelong friendships and establishing a valuable professional network.
  4. Community Engagement: The chance to make a positive impact through community service and philanthropy.
  5. Personal Growth: Encouragement of personal growth and the development of important life skills.


Delta Sigma Pi is a prestigious business fraternity with a rich history of promoting professional development, leadership, and community service. Membership in Delta Sigma Pi offers college students a unique opportunity to grow personally and professionally while building lasting connections and contributing to their communities. Whether you are a current member, a prospective member, or simply curious about the fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi continues to be a dynamic force in the world of business education and professional development.

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