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Yutong Bus&Coach: Unveiling the Unparalleled Yutong Coach Solutions with the C9

Yutong Bus&Coach, a leading innovator in the automotive industry, presents an exceptional coach solution with the Yutong coach C9—a luxurious 9-meter-long long-distance and tourism bus. Yutong’s commitment to excellence shines through in this model, which combines intelligent integrated systems, leading fuel-saving technology, and a reliable vehicle structure. Let’s delve into the distinctive features that make Yutong’s coach solutions unparalleled in the market.

Intelligent Integrated System

The C9 sets itself apart with its intelligent integrated system, which elevates passenger convenience and comfort. The passenger zone is thoughtfully designed, featuring ergonomic seats with multiple check curves that distribute body pressure evenly, effectively reducing fatigue. Additionally, the integrated reading lamps with adjustable air outlets offer convenient lighting and personalized airflow control. Yutong’s focus on intelligent design ensures a pleasant and enjoyable travel experience for passengers.

Comfort Riding Experience

The C9 is meticulously crafted to offer passengers a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The spacious passenger area accommodates 37+1 seats, ensuring ample legroom and comfort for every traveler. The through-type luggage compartment with a capacity of 4.0m³ allows easy storage of luggage, enhancing passenger convenience. Moreover, the multi-functional steering wheel, equipped with 10 function buttons, reduces the operating load and makes driving a more relaxed experience for the driver.

Impressive Specifications

The C9 boasts impressive specifications that set it apart from the competition. With dimensions of 8970mm (length)*2550mm (width)*3480mm (height), it strikes the perfect balance between maneuverability and passenger capacity. The C9’s minimum turning diameter of ≤17.5 meters ensures smooth navigation even in tight spaces. The KNORR ESP brake system, including ABS and ASR functions, enhances safety on the road. The coach bus is equipped with 10R22.5 tires from Giti/Goodyear, and its air bag suspension system guarantees a comfortable and stable ride. The 24,000Kcal/h air conditioner provides optimal climate control for passengers.


Yutong Bus&Coach’s coach solutions, exemplified by the exceptional C9 model, redefine luxury, reliability, and comfort in the market. With its intelligent integrated system, leading fuel-saving technology, and emphasis on safety and durability, the C9 offers an unparalleled travel experience for both operators and passengers. Yutong’s commitment to excellence ensures a reliable, efficient, and comfortable ride, making the C9 a top choice for long-distance and tourism bus applications.

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