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Why Invest in RFID Solutions? – Top Benefits of RFID Readers

Over time, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has developed into a powerful tool for lowering management costs across many businesses. The portability of handheld RFID readers enables complete product traceability and more comprehensive data management. RFID solutions can help you save time and money while ensuring higher-quality operations, depending on your industry.

RFID Technology’s Principal Benefits

Barcodes and RFID technologies frequently need clarification. Although barcodes serve the same purposes, RFID technologies provide more advantages. Tags may also be overwritten and secured with specific passwords, which makes them a safer and more reliable tool than barcodes.

The use of RFID technologies has a variety of benefits, including:

Reading multiple things at once

The RFID reader can collect data from several tags simultaneously,  and have them recorded and read to prevent each separately to prevent data overlap. Having such intense reading skills comes in very handy while conducting warehouse inventory.

Reading remotely from a distance

The RFID reader can scan tags attached to products up to 10 meters away, whereas the barcode reader has a reading range of a few millimeters. Additionally, the RFID readers’ reading speed, measured in milliseconds, is surprisingly quick.

Reading through objects is possible.

When using an RFID handheld reader, the data is automatically collected by placing the object in the antenna’s field of view. For instance, it is possible to read the tags on items that are housed inside boxes.

Distinctive Identification

Each object’s RFID tag has a unique identification code. Additionally, the data on the tag can be updated via software without having to touch the label physically. RFID offers an excellent level of customization and security in this way.

RFID UROVO Solutions

It is b RFID is available in various forms and applications, businesses frequently go through a discovery process to ascertain which RFID readers best meet their requirements. Let’s find out how! Your company may enter the new digital era with the UROVO DT50 UHF RFID Smart Handheld Terminal.

The DT50 RFID reader is outfitted with an RFID antenna and an inbuilt 5dBi high sensitivity that allows it to read labels up to 20 meters away. The device’s expert international code scanning module can easily read 1D/2D, deformed, filthy, and outdated barcodes.

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