What is Over/Under 3/4? Instructions on How to Read Odds

In the sports betting world, most football betting enthusiasts know what the 3/4 Over/Under bet is. However, for new players, it is still very vague about this type of soccer betting. So let’s go together Nhà cái Hi88 Explore the article below to learn details about this attractive type of bet and see the secret to effective betting.

What is Over/Under 3/4?

People in the soccer betting world often call the Over/Under 3/4 bet with the name Over and Under 0.75 or the symbol 0.5 – 1, meaning the upper team handicaps the lower team by 3/4 (half handicap).

  • Over / Under 3/4 is a bet that we often see in soccer betting. When the upper team wins with a difference of 2 goals or more, the upper team wins the bet and the lower team loses the bet.
  • In case the upper team wins with a difference of 1 goal, the upper team gets 1/2 money, the lower team loses 1/2 money.
  • If the match results in a draw or the underdog wins, the overteam loses all bets and the underdog gets the money.

A typical case appears in the 3/4 Over/Under bet

So, with the information shared above, you already know what the 3/4 Over/Under bet is, right? To be able to clearly understand and grasp this 3/4 football betting experience. Let’s follow the over/under odds between the Leicester City vs Liverpool match below. It can be seen that: Liverpool is the favorite and handicaps home team Leicester City by 0.75 goals with a ratio of 1.91 over / under 2.02.

  • Case 1: When the match ends, if the away team Liverpool wins with a difference of more than 2 goals (for example: 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, 4-1 …), those who bet on Over win, that is That means if you spend 100K to play you will get 191K, the person who bets Under will lose.
  • Case 2: If Liverpool team wins by 1 goal (eg score 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, 4-3…), then whoever bets on Over will win and get 1/2 money, and the Under bettor will lose half of the bet.
  • Case 3: In case the Liverpool score draws or loses, the Over bettor will lose the bet. Players who bet on the underdog for Leicester City will win money, meaning if they spend 100K, the player will earn 202K.

The difference between Over/Under 3/4 and Over/Under bet 1/2

Both are popular bets in soccer betting, 3/4 and ½ are considered by many people to have high winning rates, so they are preferred choices. So is there any difference between these two bets? Please take a look at the information we share below.

The way to predict the Over/Under ¾ bet is different from the Over/Under ½ bet which is to accept 1/2 left, so if the upper team wins with any score, the player will receive the entire winning amount. If you bet on the underdog team, the player will lose all the money. There is no case of losing half the money and winning half the money. Meanwhile, with the Over/Under 3/4 bet, if the upper bet only wins 1 ball, you will only win half the money, and if you bet on the lower bet, you will only lose half the money.
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Example of detailed 3/4 Over/Under bet

Over/Under Odds 0.5 – 1 match between New York Red Bulls vs Chicago Fire. In this match, the bookmaker puts New York Red Bulls as the upper bet and handicaps the Chicago Fire underdog by 0.75 goals. In this example, the following cases will appear:

Case 1

In the end, the New York Red Bulls team wins with a difference of 2 goals or more (for example: 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, 4-1…), the person who bets on the favorite team will win all the money. If you bet below, you will lose all your money.

Situation 2

 In case the New York Red Bulls only win with a difference of 1 goal (for example: 1-0, 2-1, 3-2,…), the player who bets on the upper team wins half the money, the player who bets on the underdog team lost half of the money spent.

Situation 3

 If the score between New York Red Bulls is a draw or a loss, whoever bets on the over will lose all money, whoever bets on the under will win all.

Tell you some experiences in betting Over/Under ¾

If you want to have more chances of winning when playing football betting with Over/Under ¾ odds, you should research and carefully study the information related to the match. Some important information that you should not ignore: recent performance of the two teams, confrontation history, starting lineup… Thorough research helps you have more chances of winning when you bet more.

A good tip for this way to bet on Over/Under is that you should not focus on going all-in from the beginning but should divide it into 2 different bet levels. The first bet should only be bet a small amount in the first half to refer to the outcome of the match. In the second half, the game can be more predictable, teams can step up their attacks in search of victory. You make your prediction at this point so your bet will be more accurate and less risky.

One important thing that you need to remember is to choose the most reputable soccer betting site before deciding to put down money to play.


So, with the information shared above we hope to bring you knowledge about Over/Under 3/4 odds. Thereby, you can use your betting experience more effectively.

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