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Unleash Power and Precision with FRECON’s FR500A&510A Series Vector Control Inverters

FRECON, a frontrunner in innovative energy solutions, proudly presents the FR500A&510A Series Vector Control Inverters—a testament to the company’s commitment to high-performance and high-power density designs. These inverters mark a new pinnacle in energy control, featuring low-frequency output characteristics that translate to enhanced peak power capacity. Operating as three-phase vector control inverters, the FR500A&510A series encompasses a remarkable power range of 380V 0.75kW to 1000kW. Experience the fusion of power, precision, and performance with FRECON’s advanced vector control technology.

Precision Redefined with High-Power Density

The FR500A&510A Series Inverters epitomize the marriage of power and precision. Designed with high-power density in mind, these inverters redefine the way industries manage energy. With a three-phase vector control mechanism and a power range that spans from 0.75kW to a formidable 1000kW, FRECON’s innovation empowers businesses to tackle their most demanding operational challenges.

Low-Frequency Output for Enhanced Performance

At the core of the FR500A&510A Series lies the capability for low-frequency output—a feature that translates to superior peak power capacity. FRECON’s dedication to optimizing energy management enables these inverters to excel in applications where enhanced power delivery is paramount. This innovation redefines operational efficiency and performance across industries.

Empower Industries with Advanced Vector Control

FRECON’s FR500A&510A Series Vector Control Inverters offer an array of benefits beyond power and precision. With their advanced vector control mechanism, these inverters ensure precise and dynamic control over motor operation. This technology extends its application across various sectors, from industrial manufacturing to process automation, revolutionizing the way industries harness and manage energy.


FRECON’s FR500A&510A Series Vector Control Inverters stand as a testament to the company’s dedication to power, precision, and innovation. With their unmatched high-power density, low-frequency output characteristics, and advanced vector control mechanism, these inverters redefine energy management for businesses across the spectrum. Choose FRECON’s FR500A&510A Series and unlock a new era of efficiency, power, and performance—experience the true potential of vector control technology.

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