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The ClearPetra Advantage: Revolutionizing Ureteral Access

Advancements in urological technology have paved the way for more efficient and effective stone management. One such innovation is the ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath, a game-changer in the field of minimally invasive urological procedures.

Maintaining Low Intra-luminal Pressure and Temperature

The ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath is designed to create a continuous vortex of irrigation and aspiration. This unique feature allows the irrigated fluid to be effectively evacuated, ensuring that intra-renal pressure and temperature are kept at a minimum. This, in turn, reduces the risk of complications and thermal damage, providing a safer and more comfortable experience for the patient.

High Stone Clearance Rate

The ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath boasts a deflectable tip, enabling it to be safely placed in the pyelo-calyceal system. This strategic positioning allows for better aspiration of stone fragments, even in the challenging lower pole region. By facilitating the removal of stone debris, the ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath contributes to a higher stone clearance rate, improving overall surgical outcomes.

High Surgical Efficacy

During laser lithotripsy procedures, the ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath’s ability to aspirate stone dust is particularly beneficial. By effectively removing the stone fragments, the device enhances the overall surgical efficacy, helping to ensure a more thorough and successful stone removal.



The ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath is a revolutionary product that addresses the common challenges faced in ureteral access procedures. Its unique features, including the maintenance of low intra-luminal pressure and temperature, high stone clearance rate, and improved surgical efficacy, make it a valuable addition to the urological toolkit. As the field of minimally invasive stone management continues to evolve, the ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath stands as a testament to the innovative advancements driving this progress.

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