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SZJ Automation’s High-Performance Hot Pressing Equipment

SZJ Automation is a leading supplier of hot pressing equipment with superior performance. This apparatus is engineered to produce outstanding hot pressing outcomes, with programmable parameters catered to particular industrial demands.

Enhance Productivity with Customizable Equipment Parameters

SZJ Automation’s hot pressing equipment offers customizable parameters to enhance productivity. With a capacity ranging from 12 to 40PPM and a yield of ≥99.9, businesses can achieve high output and maximize efficiency. The hot pressing pressure, ranging from 5000 to 30000kgf, ensures optimal bonding strength, while the ±3% pressure accuracy guarantees consistent and reliable results.

Precision and Reliability for Consistent Hot Pressing Performance

SZJ Automation’s hot pressing equipment ensures precision and reliability for consistent hot pressing performance. With a temperature precision of ±3℃, businesses can achieve accurate and consistent temperature control throughout the hot pressing process. The equipment’s noise level of ≤75db creates a comfortable working environment, minimizing distractions and promoting a focused and productive atmosphere.


SZJ Automation’s high-performance hot pressing equipment optimizes production processes with its customizable parameters, precision, and reliability. The equipment’s customizable parameters, including capacity, yield, pressure, accuracy, temperature precision, noise level, and compatibility, cater to specific industry needs. By integrating SZJ Automation’s hot pressing equipment, businesses can streamline their production lines, enhance productivity, and achieve consistent and reliable hot pressing results.

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