NEW88 Instructions on the Rules of Cockfighting From A to Z

New888 You want to find out cockfighting rules from A to Z but don’t know where to start? The following article by Bookmaker New88 will provide comprehensive guidance on rules, tactics as well as success secrets for new participants. Let’s start your passion journey and hone your ultimate cockfighting skills right Today!

Learn an overview of the rules of cockfighting

The rules of cockfighting also have differences between the North, Central and South. These regions all have their own regulations and specific playing styles as follows:

Regulations of northern cockfighting

When participating in chicken betting in the North, it is important to understand clearly cockfighting rules in this area is extremely important. Below are the main points of Northern fighting cock betting laws that you need to know:

  • The cocks must have the same size to be able to compete. Each fighting round lasts 15 minutes and after each round, the chickens rest for 5 minutes.
  • If a cock dies during fighting, runs away, or does not fight during a round of fighting, it is considered a loss.
  • Chickens with beaks can borrow 2 more times, each borrowing 5 minutes. If the chicken stands for 9 rounds of 5 minutes, the two chicken owners have the right to agree on the result.
  • The weight classes of cocks are divided into Heavy Class (above4 kg), Middleweight (from 3 to 4 kg) and Lightweight (under 3 kg).

These are important differences in the rules of fighting cockfighting in the North.

Characteristics of cockfighting rules in the Central region

The rules of cockfighting in the Central region have many similar characteristics compared to the rules of the game in the North. In the Central region, the tradition of cockfighting usually takes place before Tet and lasts until April according to the lunar calendar.

For example, the rules of cockfighting in Binh Dinh are often applied as a standard for cockfighting in the Central region, including the following regulations: Each round of fighting lasts 20 minutes. After each round, the cocks rest for 5 minutes to regain strength. Breed chickens in cockfighting in the Central region are classified according to weight class as follows:

  • Heavy Class: Over 3.5 kg
  • Middleweight: From 3 to 3.5 kg
  • Lightweight: Under 3 kg

About the rules of southern cockfighting

In the South, the rules of cockfighting follow the regulations at the Saigon cockfighting ring, with each round lasting 15 minutes and a rest period of 5 minutes, similar to other locations. Chicken players often use the term “stage” to classify chickens into 3 sizes as follows:

  • First Stage: Over 4 kg
  • Second Stage: From 3 to 4 kg
  • Stage Three: Below3 kg

Rules of cockfighting The above fighting only applies to traditional fighting cocks or regular spur fighting cocks (this means it does not apply to iron spur or dagger spur fighting cocks). However, classifying the stages and levels of fighting cocks is very complicated and time-consuming, so the leveling of fighting cocks is often used because it is simpler and more convenient. Cockfighters often use scales to measure the weight of both chickens, bringing speed and convenience.

Learn about the special iron spur cockfighting rules

Rules of cockfighting Special iron spurs have many differences compared to the rules of traditional cockfighting. On the ring, iron spur cockfighting brings faster speed when participating than fighting cockfights, thanks to the fact that each cock is equipped with a sharp spur, just a collision can take the life of the fighter. enemy.

Regarding the basic rules of the game, spur cockfighting also divides the fighting pools like fighting cockfighting and applies a cock ranking system. However, the way for chickens to participate in fighting in spur cockfighting is quicker and more convenient.

Regulations and selection of iron spurs in iron spur cockfighting

In spur cockfighting, the spur plays an important role and determines the outcome of the match. Currently, on the market there are many types of iron spurs with different sizes, qualities, and designs. To choose the right spurs, you should rely on the quality of the fighting cocks and comply with the regulations on spurs at each cockfighting ring or cockfighting arena to be able to participate in the competition.
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Rules of cockfighting with iron spurs

In spur cockfighting, the handicap is based on the condition and weight of the cock. Normally, handicaps are divided into the following classes:

  • Chicken with 7 ounces, calculated as 1-2-3
  • Chicken with 8 ounces, calculated as 2-3-4
  • Chicken with 9 ounces, calculated as 2-4-5
  • Chickens weigh from 1kg to 1kg2, calculated as 2-4-6

However, in case the chicken dies or the chicken runs away, cockfighting rules How does the spur determine the result?

  • First: If the chickens are dead and one of them leaves, the result is clear, the dead chicken loses.
  • Second: If one chicken lies alive while the other chicken walks away, the result depends on each case of fighting, but in most cases the chicken that leaves is still considered to have the advantage.

Most importantly, before releasing the cocks, cockers must ask the referee to make sure the rules are clear cockfighting rules about the match results. This ensures that if the referee makes a mistake, they will be responsible for the outcome of the match.

What should you keep in mind when playing cockfighting?

When participating in cockfighting, pay attention and comply with the regulations cockfighting rulesis essential to ensure safety and increase your chances of winning. Below are some notes that all cockfighters must memorize before entering this passionate path:

  • Comply with the rules of the game: Master and comply cockfighting rulesis indispensable. Understanding the time, fighting pool, cock handicap rules, and the points that determine the match outcome will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes.
  • Proper care of fighting cocks: Make sure your cocks are properly cared for before and after the fight. Ensure the chicken’s diet, hygiene, and exercise are in accordance with regulations. This will help improve the health and fighting ability of fighting cocks.
  • Choose the right cock: Carefully consider the weight, health and skills of the cock before choosing to participate in the match. Choose a cock that has the ability to adapt well to the rules as well cockfighting rules and has the potential to achieve success in matches.
  • Evaluate opponents: Carefully consult and evaluate opponents before entering each match. Grasping information about your opponent’s skills, tactics and match history will help you determine better strategies as well as seize opportunities in the match.
  • Create a safe environment: Always ensure the safety of everyone participating in cockfighting events. Ensuring the quality and safety of stone floors, equipment and all participants. Avoid dangerous behaviors or violations of safety regulations.

By paying attention and complying with the above, you can participate in cockfighting safely, increasing your chances of achieving great wins. Remember, cockfighting is not just a game but also an activity that requires professionalism and respect for your opponents.

In this article, New88 homepage has provided you with a detailed guide cockfighting rules from A to Z. Now, you have enough knowledge to start your journey and become a proficient cockfighter. Apply what you’ve learned to hone your skills and experience the fun of this game. Wishing you success in every cockfighting tournament!

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