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Four-Color is known as a quite popular and traditional card game of Vietnamese people. The current game is not simply a form of entertainment but also represents the nation’s unique culture. Please immediately read the content of the article below about the four colors to understand more about ithard mess Please.
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Introduction to the Four Colors Card Game

Popularity and Tradition of the Game

Four colors card game is always considered quite popular and has a great tradition in the entertainment culture of Vietnamese people when playing four colors card game. Always known as an attractive game with other names such as blackjack or blackjack. This game often has many quite simple rules and attracts a large number of players.

Four-of-a-kind cards are often a betting game between players and the dealer, where players can try to increase the card’s total score. It’s actually closer to 21 than many bookmakers, but it won’t go over these numbers.

Thanks largely to the combination of luck and playing skills, four-color cards have truly become an indispensable part of the game.casino.

Its General Characteristics

Four-color card playing is always a form of play between the participants and the dealer. Thanks to the main goal of adding a title, the total score in the card is closer to 21 when compared to the dealer in the tu sac card game. But these numbers should not be exceeded. In particular, this game always has a lot of combination of luck and playing skills.

Therefore, players will still need more effective playing strategies so that they can win more. In addition, four-color cards often have a number of specific rules and terms. There, players will master it to be able to play the game in a better way possible.

Thanks to its simplicity and big winning opportunities, the four-color card game has actually become quite a popular game and is always quite popular in many countries when playing card game bai tu sac.

Four Colors Card Game Rules

General Rules of the Game

When playing cards, everyone will deal the cards synchronously and can often further change the position of the cards to create the best possible hand in the card tu sac game. After that, players can place bets before opening cards. Players can also increase their chances of betting or withdrawing when opening cards.

Game players can also increase or withdraw depending on the situation in the game while playing. Players will then be able to bet again or give up, depending on their confidence in the game.

How to Play and Play Cards

The four-color card game is always played in a fairly common way, usually consisting of 52 cards when downloading card game tu sac. Each card will usually possess a certain value when played. Each game will usually have 2-6 players and the goal of the game is to have a set with the greatest total value.

To be able to start playing the game, everyone will place a bet before dealing the cards. When each game ends, each person will play all 4 of their cards. And their deck of cards will be recalculated to find for themselves a deck of cards with the highest playing value.

Game players will be able to win many victories, being paid to correspond to their initial bet level in the four-color card game. The four-color card game will not only be about luck but will also require a lot of ingenuity. In calculating and managing cards to get yourself a deck of cards with high playing value.

The Main Forms of the Four Colors Song

Four Colors Counting Leaves

Counting leaves is one of the important playing skills in the Four Colors game for the online card game Tu Sac. Counting cards is usually done by summing the number of cards in hand and determining for yourself the betting level based on the total number of cards. The general rule will be calculated as follows:
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  • Count the number of leaves in your hand: count the number of leavesin tya by re-determining the number of leaves in each color and resuming them together.
  • Choose the bet level: after counting the cards, you will still have to spend more time to decide for yourself the bet level for the hand. The bet is usually calculated based on the total number of cards in your hand and your opponents while playing.
  • Danh Cards: After counting the cards and deciding on the right level of betting, you will have to take the time to start playing cards according to the usual rules. Players will usually own a larger number of cards and win the first game when they receive money for betting.

Four Colors 3 Leaves

3-card Four-of-a-Kind will be a major variation of the Four-of-a-kind card game in Vietnam. It is often different from regular four-color games, where each person playing will only get 3 cards instead of 4. Although the number of cards is actually less, the gameplay is still quite interesting and attractive. four colors.

The main goal of this game is to win more victories when owning four of a kind or four pairs, four of a kind with even higher cards. Most of these cards range from large to small, usually including Ace, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

Most of the card playing rules in 3-card four-of-a-kind are always similar to regular four-of-a-kind cards. There, players will often play their cards higher or skip their turn. If the player has no cards to play, he must skip the turn and wait for the next result.

Even though I only got 3 cards for myselfBut This game often requires people to have more computational skills. And there are quite a few playing strategies to win more when playing the game. If you are really familiar with the usual four-color card games. Try playing this variation to experience more fun of this game in tu sac card game.

Four Colors 2 Leaves

For 2-card four-color games, it is also known as “Lao”. Here it is a fairly simple gameplay version of the game. By owning your own playing rules, it is quite similar to the 3-card four colors in the game bai tu sac.

Each game, each player will be dealt 2 cards according to the deck of cards. Most of these cards will remain arranged in order from largest to smallest.

Similar to the form of playing 3-card four-color, each player will also be allowed to play one card per turn. In case, if they want to skip a turn, the player will have to draw a card from the deck and proceed to pass the turn to the next player.

A game of cards usually ends when a player runs out of cards in his or her hand. The game player owns the highest total score and helps everyone win the previous game.

Strategy and Experience in Playing Four Colors Cards

Playing Strategy

When playing four-color card game, it not only requires luck from the player but also requires ingenuity, psychology and playing strategy when downloading card game bai tu sac. Below are some basic strategies that have a higher chance of winning:

  1. Redefine strong cards: four-color cards usually have 4 different colors, each color usually has 13 cards. Consider learning about the strongest cards of each color to help you outperform your opponents.
  2. Monitor your opponent’s cards: pay more attention and remember the cards your opponent has played. From there, you can somewhat guess the cards still in your opponent’s hand.
  3. Focus on choosing the strongest cards: players spend more time searching and arranging your strongest cards. Thanks to that, you can easily play cards when necessary.
  4. Make opponents focus: players use more psychological tricks when playing, thereby causing many opponents to lose focus and make mistakes. For example, playing fast or slow, or continuing to play cards that are not very related to the current topic.
  5. Reconsider drawing cards: if you really feel like you don’t have strong cards to play, you should consider again making reasonable bets at the four-color card game.

Playing Experience

Becoming a four-color master of the game does not simply require a knowledge of the rules. How to play counting cards but also requires more concentration and patience when playing. Below are some experiences in playing four colors that you can refer to:

  1. Play based heavily on your opponent’s analysis: once you play four-color cards, in addition to counting cards, you will also need to observe how your opponent plays. You should evaluate your opponent’s strength and choose the appropriate way to play.
  2. Redefine your goals and tactics: you should spend more time redefining your playing goals for four colors. You should spend more time applying the most appropriate playing strategies. You can also focus more on winning more cards. And also want to keep strong cards to use when playing in four-color cards.
  3. Don’t bet too much money: you should keep your betting level low when you start playing four colors. And you can also rely on it to gradually increase your playing time. This will help you a lot in avoiding losing too much money and making mistakes when playing.
  4. Learn more from other players’ experiences: players should join online player exchange communities. Learn more from experienced gamers.
  5. Don’t forget to entertain: Four colors card game is always known as an entertaining game, so don’t forget to give yourself as much fun when playing the game as when playing.52labai.


When playingFour-Color, it has always had quite a bit of popularity and a long tradition in many Vietnamese entertainment cultures. The general rule of this game is based on counting leaves and optimizing your gaming strategy.

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