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JINPENG Group’s Electric Cargo Tricycles: Pioneering Urban Logistics

Jiangsu JINPENG Group Co., Ltd., the world’s premier electric cargo trike manufacturer, is at the forefront of revolutionizing urban logistics. Their expertise in electric vehicle research, development, production, and sales is transforming the way goods are transported in cities.

JINPENG’s cargo tricycles epitomize sustainability in urban deliveries. These electric trikes significantly reduce emissions, making them a preferred choice for environmentally conscious businesses and cities.

Technological Advancements

Innovation is the driving force behind JINPENG’s success. Their cargo tricycles incorporate cutting-edge components, ensuring impressive cargo capacity and maneuverability in city settings.

Diverse Options for Every Rider

With a vast selection, JINPENG offers trike models tailored for every need whether light grocery runs, heavy-duty delivery, leisurely rides or more. They have trikes optimized for stability, cargo capacity, comfort, and accessibility. JINPENG is dedicated to serving every type of rider.

Industry-Leading Warranty Coverage

JINPENG provides exceptional warranty coverage on all tricycle components from frames to batteries and electronics. This provides complete peace of mind that any manufacturing defect will be promptly addressed. JINPENG stands behind their trikes for years of carefree cycling.

 A Global Vision

JINPENG Group’s global presence reflects their commitment to sustainable urban logistics. They collaborate with international partners to promote cargo tricycles as an eco-friendly urban delivery solution.


Jiangsu JINPENG Group’s electric cargo tricycles are leading the way in reshaping urban logistics with their sustainable, technologically advanced solutions. As cities strive for cleaner, more efficient transportation, JINPENG’s contribution is pivotal in creating a sustainable future for urban deliveries.

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