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High Transluency: Innovated Feature of De Corematrix’s Products for Dental Restorations

De Corematrix, known for its superb zirconia blocks, has made a name for itself as a reliable brand in the dental zirconia blocks industry. Dentists are increasingly asking for the most advanced metal-free restorations. De Corematrix has revolutionized restorative dentistry by giving dentists solid answers to their patients’ oral health problems.

New Innovated Products

When compared to other rivals, the zirconia high translucent dental material used in their zirconia tooth implant offers a superior cost-performance ratio. This guarantees that patients get the advantages of great translucency, toughness, and attractiveness at a reasonable price. One of their products De Corematrix® ST is distinguished by its strong translucency, which makes it especially appropriate for producing results that look natural. A zirconia tooth implant and other dental restorations can be made using this material since it has been meticulously designed to offer the best aesthetics while preserving the essential strength and longevity.


Precise technologies are the foundations of De Corematrix’s high-quality products. A Malvern laser particle size analyzer is used to examine and tightly regulate the particle size distribution of zirconia powder, ensuring the quality of the raw materials.

For characterizing the chemical/phase compositions and structures of powder, semi-finished goods, and finished products under nano and micro scales, advanced laboratories are outfitted with precise analytical and test equipment.


In the dental business, De Corematrix stands out as a reliable brand, especially when it comes to zirconia blocks. Their dedication to innovation has resulted in the creation of cutting-edge dental repair products. Notably, their zirconia high transparent material offers a great cost-performance ratio, giving patients the advantages of extraordinary translucency, toughness, and beauty at a reasonable cost. Don’t hesitate to choose De Corematrix!

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