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Game chicken New888 is showing that this is one of the attractive addresses for you to come and experience cockfighting. Not only that, this brand also really excels in its inherent incentives. Please join us in detailing the advantages New888 bring it to you guys.

Detailed introduction to cockfighting New888

New888 considered one of the worthy units in the online game betting service industry today. In the Asian market and especially in Vietnam, this house has become a familiar and close name for many people.

Grasping the entertainment needs, this brand has provided players with this sport game chicken New888 attractive. An extremely professional playing field as well as transparency in results has been created. Thereby firmly affirming its position in the hearts of fans with many outstanding advantages.

For every match to be the greenest, this unit is affiliated with many famous cockfighting arenas such as Cambodia or the Philippines. The matches will be reported live and broadcast on this house’s system. You can experience it on the brand app or go to the homepage to watch the ongoing match live.

Some forms of cockfighting New888 Suitable for new players, easy to access

Currently this unit offers players three forms game chicken New888 popular and has a large number of participating members such as:

  • Round spur cockfighting: Round spur cockfighting does not appear in matches in Vietnam but is mostly used in Cambodia and the Philippines. The fighting cock will carry a round spur to deal damage from inside the internal organs.
  • Iron spur cockfighting: Currently, iron spur cockfighting is the most popular form appearing in all large and small cockfighting arenas today. In particular, this type is most popular in Thomo. The cockmasters will tie an iron spur to their cocks, thereby increasing their damage to the opponent.
  • Knife cockfighting: If you are a lover of bloody matches, this form is completely suitable. Because it is made from sharp objects, the damage it causes is extremely serious to the opponent. Broken wings or instant death are what you can experience.

Reasons why players should choose Cockfighting New888 to bet

Currently, there are many service providers participating in cockfighting betting. But, gamechicken New888 is the top choice with many advantages such as:


In fact, this house operates and provides services in a legal form. In addition, the host country also allows this unit to bring players many attractive games through a legal operating license.
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Furthermore, this house does not have a territory in Vietnam. Therefore, legal issues will not affect players. Maybe it’s just blocked by network operators, but new links are always updated to send to you.

Diverse matches

From traditional cockfighting matches to iron spurs, knife spurs and round spurs, creating diversity for bettors to participate in. In addition, you can choose to place bets on the house, the house or the match ending in a draw.

Direct and free

Currently matches are played at game chicken New888 are provided to you completely free of charge. Not only that, the transmission speed is guaranteed to be very high, providing a sharp experience.

There is never any lag phenomenon when experiencing matches. If you are charged any fees, this is definitely a scam.

High betting odds

This bookmaker’s betting system is always guaranteed to be fair and realistic with the matches taking place. Not only that, the payout ratio has also been upgraded to be 1.2 times superior to other units.

Before a match game chicken New888 takes place, the betting department will review all information about the 2 cocks appearing in the match. Next, the betting odds are given as close to reality as possible. Thereby, helping new players easily approach without worrying about getting scammed.


Game chicken New888 deserves to be one of the betting options of new players. Currently, this unit also has many hot promotions for new players to register for new accounts. Create your own account to receive a 150% discount on your first deposit card value.

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