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Enhance Poultry Farming Efficiency with Hontech-Wins’ IP67 T8 LED Poultry lights.

Hontech-Wins, a renowned brand in the poultry lighting industry, introduces its latest innovation, the IP67 T8 LED poultry lights. With extensive research and rigorous testing, this high-quality lighting solution is designed to revolutionize poultry farming.

Gain an IP67 CE ROHS Certificate

One of the standout features of Hontech-Wins’ IP67 T8 LED poultry lights is their certification. These lights have successfully obtained IP67 and ROHS certificates, ensuring their superior quality and compliance with international standards. The IP67 rating guarantees protection against dust and water immersion, making them ideal for poultry farm environments where moisture and debris are common.

Omnidirectional Projection with a 180° Beam Angle

The IP67 T8 LED poultry lights offer an omnidirectional projection with a wide 180° beam angle. This unique feature ensures uniform illumination throughout the poultry house, eliminating dark spots and shadows. By providing consistent lighting, these lights create a stress-free environment for the chickens, promoting their overall well-being and productivity.

High Output Efficiency: 110 lm/W

Efficiency is a crucial factor when it comes to poultry lighting. Hontech-Wins’ IP67 T8 LED poultry lights excel in this aspect with an impressive output efficiency of 110–120 lumens per watt (lm/W). This high efficiency translates into significant energy savings, reducing electricity costs for poultry farmers while maintaining optimal lighting conditions for poultry.


Hontech-Wins’ IP67 T8 LED poultry lights offer a range of features and advantages that make them the ideal choice for poultry farmers. With their IP67 certification, omnidirectional projection, and high output efficiency, these lights provide superior lighting performance while ensuring the well-being and productivity of the chickens.

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