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Electrifying the Future: EVE’s 21700 40P Battery Powers Your Automotive and Energy Storage Needs

In the rapidly evolving landscape of transportation and energy storage, the demand for reliable, high-performance batteries has never been greater. EVE‘s 21700 40P battery is the answer to this call, boasting a remarkable nominal capacity of 4000mAh and a nominal voltage of 3.6V. Engineered to withstand the rigors of modern mobility, this 4000mAh lithium battery is the backbone of electric vehicles and wholesale solutions for the distributors, empowering the future of sustainable and efficient energy usage.

Uncompromising Charging Capabilities

At the core of EVE’s 21700 40P battery lies an unwavering commitment to performance and efficiency for its business partners. With a standard charge current of 2.0A and a rapid charge current of 6.0A, this battery can be recharged quickly, minimizing downtime and ensuring your customers’ essential systems are always powered and ready to go. Coupled with a charge/discharge voltage range of 4.2V to 2.5V, the 21700 40P is engineered to deliver consistent and reliable power, day in and day out, allowing you to confidently integrate it into your innovative products and solutions.

Wholesale Empowerment for Your Business

EVE understands that collaboration is the key to driving innovation and success. That’s why it proudly offers wholesale services for its 21700 40P battery, empowering the network of distributors and partners to integrate this cutting-edge technology into their products and solutions. By working closely with the company, it can ensure that the growing demand for reliable, high-capacity battery cells is met, unlocking new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Engineered for Exceptional Performance

Beneath the impressive specifications of the 21700 40P lies a testament to EVE’s engineering prowess. With a cell height of 70.15±0.15mm and a cell diameter of 21.15±0.10mm, this battery is designed for seamless integration into a wide range of applications, from electric vehicles to large-scale energy storage systems. Backed by the rigorous testing and validation conducted in EVE’s state-of-the-art laboratory, you can trust that the 21700 40P delivers uncompromising quality and reliability.


As the world accelerates towards a sustainable and electrified future, EVE is at the forefront of the battery revolution. By partnering with EVE, you’ll gain access to a wealth of technical expertise, comprehensive support, and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. Together, let’s unleash the full potential of the 21700 40P battery and empower your business to lead the charge in the ever-evolving landscape of automotive and energy storage solutions.

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