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Boost Efficiency with SmartMoreInside Barcode Scanners

The barcode scanner manufacturer SmartMoreInside is revolutionizing the barcode scanner industry with its cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing excellence. With expertise in sensors, machine vision systems, and control systems, SmartMoreInside ensures top-quality products that meet industry standards. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing units uphold the highest production standards, providing reliable and durable barcode scanners. Additionally, SmartMoreInside holds important certifications such as FCC, CE, and RoHS, ensuring the quality and compliance of their products.

Industrial Scanner | SMI-HA310W-04

The SMI-HA310W-04 industrial scanner by SmartMoreInside is designed to handle both 1D and 2D codes in various scenarios. Its versatility makes it suitable for retail, logistics, and many other industries. With a database supporting 24 languages and customizable language options, this scanner caters to diverse language requirements. Furthermore, the offline storage function ensures uninterrupted usage even without a constant network connection, making it ideal for fast-paced environments.

Industrial Scanner | SMI-HA310W-02

The barcode scanner manufacturer SmartMoreInside’s SMI-HA310W-02 industrial scanner is a powerful tool for businesses dealing with commodities, expressage, and more. This scanner supports both 1D and 2D codes, enabling efficient scanning across different applications. The 2.4G wireless communication feature allows for flexibility and convenience, with a working distance of up to 50 meters. Additionally, the off-line data storage capability ensures continuous operation, even in areas with limited connectivity.

1D/2D Handheld Scanner | SMI-HA320-01

For quick and accurate code reading, the SMI-HA320-01 handheld scanner by SmartMoreInside is the perfect choice. Equipped with improved scanning modules, it excels at reading both 1D and 2D codes, including poor-quality and damaged barcodes. This unique feature reduces eye fatigue and enhances work efficiency for operators. The user-friendly configuration program simplifies the startup procedure, making it accessible even for inexperienced users.


SmartMoreInside, a leading barcode scanner manufacturer, provides cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing excellence to boost efficiency in various industries. Their versatile barcode scanners, such as the SMI-HA310W-04, SMI-HA310W-02, and SMI-HA320-01, cater to different application needs. With support for both 1D and 2D codes, offline storage capabilities, improved scanning modules, and user-friendly configurations, SmartMoreInside barcode scanners optimize business operations and enhance productivity. Trust SmartMoreInside to deliver top-quality solutions and transform your workflow.

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