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Are you prepared to stand out from a sea of direct competition with your company’s signs? There is fierce visual competition, regardless of whether your business operates a shop on a busy street or a restaurant in a shopping mall. You must make the most of your marketing budget if you want to succeed. These are the steps to follow in order to get great results from signage.

Make preparations

It is easy to say you need signage, but forget the details. What is the purpose of the sign? Is it going somewhere? What materials should you use? What supplies will you need? Do you need a single sign or a series of signs to provide consistent customer service?

Before you move forward, take some time to consider the details so that your marketing budget doesn’t go towards a sign for your business that isn’t as impressive as you had hoped.

Hire a professional

A business sign that you actually buy is considered an investment. It should be sturdy and last many years. It is an investment so it is a good idea to hire a professional graphic artist to create the artwork and a copy writer if you intend to include more than simple copy. A skilled sign maker can also be hired to do the installation, if required.

Attention to typography

When putting up business signs, accessibility is an important consideration. Your business sign must be visible from a distance. Use a sans serif font to convey the essential information. Also, be aware of the contrast. This will ensure that your text is easily readable and stands out. You must make it large enough to be visible from a distance of at least a few metres. Professional sign builders will create visibility guidelines for your sign that are based on the sign’s position, height, distance from it and viewer’s travel speed (by foot or by car).

Make sure to leave more white space around catchy phrases and messages. Backlighting is an option if the sign will be placed in a dark place or outside where visibility needs to be better at night and day.

Keep the brand

Use your brand guidelines to create a sign that matches your overall logo and color scheme. Make sure you use the brand guidelines and the fonts that are most familiar to your brand. If you have no official brand guidelines for your small company, you can show examples of current marketing strategies and signage you believe are appropriate and effective for your business.

Explore the entire area

The signage you choose for your business will be displayed indoors. Make sure to consider the overall appearance of the area. Interior designers often follow the 60-30-5 guidelines, which stipulates that accents should have 60% neutral tones, 30% darkness (typically furniture or feature walls), 5% warm and 5% bright colors. Your sign may be used as an accent color to divide the space and draw the attention, but not to overturn the overall design.

Imagine a bold, geometric

Signage is just like any other element of interior design, it can be subject to fashion trends. One of the most in-demand interior design elements is geometrics. They are known for their strong shapes and striking finishes. You can make these using custom metal geometric signs. Some companies also use colored geometric backgrounds to display their logo and name. You can also make a video wall using your choice of LCD or LED screen placement.

This type of bold signage is especially good for interior signs if it’s placed on a plain wall without any visual attraction. Geometric signs, for example, look great in company reception areas.

Take a tour

When deciding where signage should be placed, consider where your intended audience will be walking through the area. Consider viewing the signage from multiple vantage points such as an elevator or stairwell. You can also walk, bike, or drive by the sign. You should examine the sign’s accessibility, height, legibility and accessibility. Also, be aware of any obstacles that might make it difficult for you to see the sign.

Your sign maker will usually come to your site and charge you the fee for the next order. This is important for both safety and setup.

Don’t forget digital billboards

Digital signage can be used to promote campaigns, daily discounts, or display customizable messaging in areas such as a waiting area, reception, or canteen. These are just some of the reasons that companies invest in digital signs in addition to their physical sign. While the initial investment for digital signage can be higher, ongoing costs are low. It is also easier to modify the message or text.

These signs are creative and brand-aware. They also have attractive visual appeal with naturally occurring backlighting to increase visibility. These signs are flexible enough to allow for frequent updates and modifications.


When you are looking to have a company signed, please consider the following tips. You will get a better product if you do.

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