7 QUICK TIPS TO MAKING A BIG IMPRESSION Using Billboard Advertisement

It can be quite challenging to design a billboard, especially because it is so large. Billboard design requires a lot of creativity, unlike social media ads or business cards. These are seven quick tips to make a lasting impression when advertising on billboards.

Get to know your product

Before you start designing, make sure you have all the information you need about the product. What message should you send to these people? Who are your target audience?

2. Showcase your product

Your billboard will only be seen for a few seconds so make sure your message is clear. You don’t have the time to create suspense so make sure your billboard is memorable.

3. Know the right text to include

It’s obvious that most people don’t have the time to read through more than 12 words on a billboard. While the company name, contact information, and catchphrase/motto are important, must be simple to read and understand.

4. Consider your style

It is important to use a font that is both large and easy to read. The best size for the product name to be advertised is at least 3 feet high. This will allow it to be easily read.

This step is open to creativity. However, it is important to remember that readability and usability are equally important.

5. Focus on graphics

It is very common for billboards use graphics to draw attention. Once you have a clear idea of the type of image you want, ensure it is large enough to be easily seen by those who travel at high speed. Images that are easily identifiable can be smaller, but they still need to visible.

6. Don’t forget colour

Contrasting colors are the most effective and simple way to draw attention. Many brands mix backgrounds and alternate colours to make the text readable. It is important to think about the colours you are using and to be able explain why, if necessary.

7. Simplicity, creativity, and above all

We’ve mentioned this many times in this article that simplicity and creativity are crucial for attracting potential customers. You can simplify your design and choose what is most important. The rule of thumb is that a simpler design will be easier to remember. But creativity is also important.

No matter how simple or creative they might look, billboards that are unique and creative attract attention. It is important that your billboard stands out from the crowd and informs customers of what they need.

You can make a huge impression with your billboard advertising without spending too much or being complicated. You will be able to succeed in your OOH campaign if you combine simplicity, efficiency, personality and professionalism.

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